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At CYAD we recognise our responsibility to provide guidance in our role as an investment and management company with respect to the social, environmental and ethical conduct of the countries in which our holdings operate. We therefore take our corporate social responsibilities seriously. We are committed to advancing our policies and systems across the Group to ensure we address and monitor all aspects of CSR that are relevant to our business.

CYAD aspires to conduct all its business in compliance with high ethical standards of business practice. We strive to apply these standards to all dealings with employees, customers and suppliers:

    • To operate within applicable laws;
    • Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated;
    • As a matter of policy, we do not make political donations; and
    • We aim to be a responsible partner within our local communities.

Employment in itself is a key driver to local economies, as such; every effort is made to ensure that positions are filled from the local market. Our aim is to develop local capacity by promoting staff from within the institution. This provides a great incentive for young staff members and provides an excellent training ground for future managers and directors.

Similarly, the importance of two-way communication is recognised particularly as it relates to the business and its performance. The leadership is responsible for providing forums for two-way communications, including management meetings. Our investee companies’ work at all ends of the spectrum.

Health and safety
Each business unit is responsible for ensuring that it conforms to local statutory health and safety regulations. In addition, joint educational projects with our business partners are regularly held to further educate employees general health and safety in and out of the workplace.The commitment to workplace safety was spearhead by CYAD Light Manufacturing with the obtention of ISO OHSAS certification.

Child Labour
The group employs a 100% ban on child labour, no exceptions.

Female Labour
Every effort is made to introduce females into the work force. As of date, we estimate that 18% of the full time labour force and 15% of the part time labour force is composed of female employees. “As powerful as it may be to have women represented in the work force, further efforts are being made to ensure equality in the workspace. CYAD Printing and Packaging units have taken the lead by participating in the UNDP Gender Equality Certification Programme.

Good environmental practice and the impact that our operations have on the environment are of great importance to us. In addition to abiding to local Environmental regulations, every effort is made to use recycled materials as inputs to our businesses and support green business.

In some instances, waste of our business units have become critical inputs to other local industry once again ensuring that we maintain the smallest possible carbon footprint. Units are encouraged to undergo yearly environmental audits to ensure that internal standards are being maintained.

Charitable Donation Policy
Our businesses are encouraged to support the particular needs of their population by contributing to local charities and participating in community initiatives. Support takes all forms from employee time and skills, gifts in kind and cash donations.