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CYAD Printing & Packaging

The Vision of CYAD Printing and Packaging is to be the dominant domestic printer in the markets where it operates. The areas of concentration are the multi-substrate printing (for industrial and commercial requirement) and advertising support (ATL and BTL products). Printing & Packaging business activities started in 1985.

CYAD Trading

CYAD Trading seeks to find strategic partners to represent in niche markets. Currently, the range of product lines includes IT hardware, photo paper, electrical equipment & installation, Intruder and Fire Security. Trading was the first business activity of the group and started in 1977.

CYAD Food & Agriculture

Recognizing the fertility of the African continent and the need for local production and finishing, the vision of CYAD Food & Agriculture is to conduct value addition through processing centers catering to the domestic market. Current activities are limited to coffee processing. The investee company began its operations in 1980.

CYAD Light Manufacturing

CYAD Light Manufacturing aims to participate in the growing construction industry in Africa. Currently, the concentration is on fabrication works of structural steel, aluminium and signage. It also includes the installation & servicing of OTIS lifts & escalators. The business activities under this category started in 2009.

CYAD Support & Finance Initiative

CYAD Support & Finance Initiative is incorporated to cover the service & finance industries. Current activities include Business Process Outsourcing, Documents & Records Management Solutions. The business activities under this category started in 2011.

CYAD Hospitality (Project Stage)

CYAD Hospitality seeks to serve the growing demand for hospitality and tourism services in Africa. The current project is to establish the first Hilton Hotel in Kinshasa, DRC.


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